Video downloads combine the song's music AND the lyrics into a single high quality video file that displays the lyrics in time with the music on a coloured background. Three download file formats are available:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between regular Music and Karaoke Music?
Regular music are recordings of the original artist. These recordings may have been made in a recording studio or from live concerts. Karaoke Music are reproduced creations recorded by each manufacturer. The manufacturer will hire independent artists and bands to recreate songs done in the likeness of the original artist. They are not the original artist's recordings. Manufacturers' interpretation of like songs will sound different throughout different manufacturers. .

What is Karaoke?
Karaoke is singing to pre-existing songs. You are replacing the original lead singer. The background music and supporting singers are left intact. We also offer "Backing Tracks" or "Instrumentals" in our New Release program. The songs will be noted as "Backing Tracks" or "Instrumentals" and will show the key the song was recorded in. The downloads are recordings without background vocals. You can use these for pageants, song competitions, karaoke, and professional demos where background vocals are either not permitted or required. If you need to change the key of the song, go to Powerkaraoke.com for software assistance.

What do I get with my song purchases?

You have 2 options. You can either select a "Custom CD+G Disc" OR "Download".
"Custom CD+G Disc" - You select and add the songs to your shopping cart. Minimum 10 songs but 15 songs is the maximum per CD+G disc. Once you checkout from your shopping cart, a screen will appear to select either "Custom CD+G Disc" OR "Download". The Custom Disc Option is $15 for shipping and handling and $5 for each additional CD+G disc over 10 songs. We send the custom CD+G disc via 3 Day USPS Priority Mail.

"Download" - You get an MP3+G (mp3 and cdg file inside a .zip file), MP3 audio file, and MP4 video file with each purchase.

  • Downloads combine the song's music AND the lyrics into a single high quality video file that displays the lyrics in time with the music on a colored background. Three download file formats are available:
    MP3+G (works on computers with special karaoke software installed to playback on a computer or to burn to CD+G for playback on most karaoke machines - requires additional software to be installed)
    MP4 (works on iPod classic, iPod nano v3, iPod touch, iPhone, Mac, Apple TV, Windows Media)

    MP3 (audio file only - can play on most mp3 players)

Copy and transfer song files:
Please see "Download Unstructions" for help.
Login to your account. Click on PURCHASED SONGS. Your songs are all here. Each MP3+G, MP3, MP4 song must be downloaded separately. Click on the download button for the each song, a "File Download" box will appear for each. Click on SAVE, it will ask you which directory or folder to save this file to. Let us know if you have any other questions.

How much do Karaoke songs cost?
New releases are $1.99 to $2.99 USD. All other Karaoke songs has the same low price, $1.49 USD or lower. A purchase of 5 or more Karaoke songs gives you an automatic 20% discount at checkout. Refunds of digital downloads of songs Or software are only given if the songs or software are defective.

Is there a monthly subscription? If so, How much does it cost and what do I get?
Memberships or subscriptions are only applicable to New Releases for a six or twelve month period. All songs in our database can purchased individually without a subscription with 20% off for 5 or more songs. All you have to do is register and purchase.For New Releases, a six (6) month ($249) and twelve (12) month ($399) subscription is available for purchase. You will receive approx 25 New Releases per month during your subscription. All purchases are in USD. Please note that the membership does not give you access to all songs, but only those released during the selected period which is 6 or 12 consecutive months from month you joined. Once you purchase your 6 or 12 month subscription, you will be entitled to any Karaoke song with the MP3+G, MP3, and/or MP4 logo beside the song. Subscriptions do expire after the term of your 6 or 12 month subscription. The "Buy Now" songs are those songs not available under your subscription. For our DJ's we offer terms on the 12 month New Releases subscription. Payments of $35 ($399 + 5% annum interest) over the 12 month period starting with the month you accept these conditions.
Can I listen to a music clip of the song I want to purchase?
Yes. Customers have the option of listening to 40 sec clips using the Cdg Flash Player (which will show words and play music) or Audio Player (audio only) of the music they wish to sample.
How can I make a Karaoke CDG Disc?
Please see "Power CD+G Burner 2" for instructions.
In order to see the graphics onscreen, you will need either a Karaoke software player on your computer or burn the download to CDR using CD+G Burner software for use in a Karaoke machine or player. Both of these software packages are available on our webpage. Go to our homepage and click on either icon for details. A trial version of each software is available. The MP3 can be played on any Audio player like Windows Media.
Why can't I find a song I'm looking for?
Searching on BuyKaraokeDownloads.com is easy. "Karaoke Genres" list the applicable artist categorized under that Genre. "Browse All By Alpha" is a song search list alphabetically. We also have a search box in the bar above this if you are looking for a specific song or artist. There are also links for "Top 10 Songs" and "Top 10 Artists".
Sometimes, record labels, artists or other rights owners will not release a song as a music download. We are always adding Karaoke music that is available as music downloads to our library, so please check back often!
Do the song files offer good quality sound?
BuyKaraokeDownloads.com offer very high quality brand name MP3+G files. You get excellent sound quality with MP3s. You can also listen to 40 second clips of each song in order to judge the sound quality for yourself. Some songs have multiple tracks available for purchase.
Important information......... songs purchased are available for download from our website, by placing an order you agree that you have downloaded and used our songs. It is impossible to take back the digital download received by you, therefore all purchases are final and no refunds are available. So please try our 40 second clip of the song before buying it.
Are music downloads from BuyKaraokeDownloads.com safe?
We ensure that all music you download from BuyKaraokeDownloads.com is virus free and safe for your computer. Please note that BuyKaraokeDownloads.com is not responsible for any computer issues related to your system software, application software, or hardware.
Are music downloads from BuyKaraokeDownloads.com legal?
All the music downloads you purchase from BuyKaraokeDownloads.com are legal, so long as you comply with our Terms of Use, including the End User License Agreement & Usage Rules. We only sell music that has been legally licensed for sale to the general public for personal use.

Our production company buys bulk licenses thru multiple publishers for the songs we produce. These licenses allow distribution to our customers for personal use and for DJ/KJ's use. The venues that play the songs must have license agreement thru ASCAP or your countries like organization to publicly play or broadcast the songs.

Are there refunds for music downloads or burner/player software?
Customers have the option of listening to 40 sec clips using the Cdg Flash Player (which will show words and play music) or Audio Player (audio only) of the music they wish to sample. A download of the burner/player software is available on a trial basis before purchasing. We do not offer refunds. Products found to be defective in some way will be refunded via a Coupon for the cost of the song. Karaoke Burner and Player purchases are non-refundable.
What Equipment Do I Need To Become A Karaoke DJ/KJ? (click on link)

If I have a CAVS 203G USB or 105G USB Player that play the MCG format, How can I convert the CDG files from BuyKaraokeDownloads to MCG?
If you have bought either one of these players, you can receive the ENCODER MCG software for free from CAVS. Click on link below.


Can I send a music download as a gift to someone?
Unfortunately, you cannot send music download files themselves as gifts at this time. Please consider sending a Music Downloads Gift Card instead!
Tips for getting the most out of BuyKaraokeDownloads.com Downloads:
To avoid problems with downloading and playback, please make sure you do the following:
  • Use Internet Explorer version 6 or later
  • Use Windows Media Player 9 or the latest version
  • Disable pop-up blockers
  • Verify your firewall settings are configured appropriately
  • Disable download accelerators

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